Georgia Spanos is a writer and editor; mostly within food, music, and arts; she also writes poetry, short stories, publishes her own books, and takes food pictures. Her first book, ‘When The Tomatoes Are Ready’ was published in 2018, her second book ‘The Chef Who Lost His Salsa’ was published in 2022, and her third book ‘Sun Sun Go Away’ was published in 2023. Here’s a small selection of her works:



“Lasers, Bass and Romance: Why Dark Mofo is one of Australia’s best festivals”
“The Real and Imagined History of the Elephant Man”

︎ Music

“Gilles Peterson is paying it forward”
“Growing older, learning from a younger you, and staying true to Brian Jonestown Massacre”
“Ex-Bauhaus goth king Peter Murphy produced a performance for the ages”
“The The were warmly welcomed back to Australia after 30 years”
“In Review: Floating Points, Pharaoh Sanders & The London Symphony Orchestra - Promises”
“In Review: Kurt Vile - Speed, Sound, Lonely KV”
“LIVE: Faust @ Union Chapel, London”
“LIVE: Yo La Tengo @ Royal Festival Hall, London (EFG London Jazz Festival)

︎Food and Wine

DELLI (editor) chef and restaurant interviews
Beat Eats mag (editor) many articles within
Beat Eats weekly column on food
“Australia's Favourite Emerging Wine Varieties”
“10 Things You Didn’t Know About Riesling”
“The Uniquely Australian Sparkling Shiraz”

︎ Books, Zines, Poetry

“When the Tomatoes Are Ready” short story and cookbook
The Chef Who List His Salsa” book
The Chef Who List His Salsa” Vanishing Act Magazine, short story
“Sun Sun Go Away” poetry book
“Lolita’s Chatty Casa” Altered Zones Zine, short story
“Hole-y Cow” Emmental Cheese in Pop Culture, Cheese Mag
“The Blue Role” Picnic Magazine
“Home Can Live In A Bowl, Too” Filler Zine
Poetry and short stories Gigi Untold
Bookbinding journals