‘When the Fish Came to Shore’

The fourth Gi Press book – second cookbook!

Inside the blue sea covers you’ll find 27 traditional recipes, from Greece and Cyprus, with a commencing short story about a boy, a fish, and what they accomplished shores apart – through food!


‘When the Fish Came to Shore’ and ‘When the Tomatoes Are Ready’

Both Gi Press cookbooks!
For an offer you cannot refuse. In this combination you get the first cookbook ‘When the Tomatoes Are Ready’ with Italian recipes and art, and the brand new cookbook ‘When the Fish Came to Shore’ with Greek-Cypriot recipes and art. More bang for your buck! More art! More cooking!


‘Sun Sun Go Away’

The third Gi Press bookfeatures ten poems by Georgia Spanos (written in minutes), with scanned paintings by Maddison Kitching. The poems are short and quirky, with the art pieces being scanned on old pieces of rubbish that Maddison collected while travelling in Mexico. This book is wiro bound with a funky silver spiral.

‘The Chef Who Lost His Salsa’

The second Gi Press book
is a collection of five short stories by Georgia Spanos, illustrated by Maddison Kitching. Each story follows a character that lives an ordinary life, but has reached a crossroads. They then quest to uncover their true desires through creative and magical paths. This book is perfect bound.

‘When the Tomatoes Are Ready’

The first Gi Press book is a cookbook and short story by Georgia Spanos, illustrated by James Rogers. The short story tells the tale of how Georgia’s Nonni fell in love and migrated to Melbourne in 1950. It flows through 27 recipes from Nonna Saveria. Expect the highest quality publishing with a hard cover and book ribbon.