'The Chef Who Lost His Salsa’ the book by Georgia Spanos

Illustrated by the amazing Maddison Kitching, this book features five short stories written by Georgia Spanos; The Chef Who Lost His Salsa being one. Each story follows a character that lives an ordinary life, but has reached a crossroads. They then quest to uncover their true desires through adventurous, creative, and at times magical paths. Stories include: The Leaf That Never Fell, The Chef Who Lost His Salsa, Stop 36, Punk Is Not Dead, and Lolita’s Chatty Casa. This is the first edition of more to come.

- Written and edited by Georgia Spanos
- Published by Gi Press
- Illustrated by Maddison Kitching
- Designed by Valery De Vreese
- Printed in London
- Perfect bound printing
- 72 pages
- Stock 150gsm Uncoated
- Softcover Stock 250gsm Gloss Coated  
- A5 size
- Comes tucked in nice paper bag with sticker
- Limited run!