NEW! ‘The Chef Who Lost His Salsa’ the book

The second Gi Press book is finally here! Illustrated by the amazing Maddison Kitching, this book features five short stories written by Georgia Spanos; The Chef Who Lost His Salsa being one. Each story follows a character that lives an ordinary life, but has reached a crossroads. They then quest to uncover their true desires through adventurous, creative, and at times magical paths. Stories include: The Leaf That Never Fell, The Chef Who Lost His Salsa, Stop 36, Punk Is Not Dead, and Lolita’s Chatty Casa.


When the Tomatoes Are Ready ’ the cookbook

When the Tomatoes are Ready is the very first Gi Press book! This Calabrian cookbook tells the tale of how author Georgia’s Nonni fell in love and migrated to Melbourne in 1950, whilst flowing through 27 recipes from Nonna. Georgia began learning her Nonna’s recipes a few years ago once her Nonno had passed and taken a recipe only known to him with him. With fear that her family’s traditions would soon fade, she spent an entire year in her Nonna’s kitchen, learning how to cook just like her.